Serving Society Through The Arts

Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK) is an arts centre that aims to contribute to the cultural enrichment of Indonesian society by shaping arts practice as an important learning resource. PSBK extends Bagong Kussudiardja’s commitment for artistic innovation, creative learning, and access to the arts. Not only does PSBK provide a physical space for activities, but also devise and implement programs that create an impact on Indonesia’s cultural arts scene.

The Power of Arts

The ARTS is a powerful tool of culture that offers unique possibilities to:


Explore ways of thinking for ourselves, connecting us together through shared experiences –to question, resist, build.


Appreciate the creative potential of the human mind, the innovative capacity of ideas, products and services, immensely benefiting humanity, often in immeasurable ways.


Helps us to re-imagine our past and present, and transform our future. Art allows us to experience possibility.

Public Arts Engagement

Through creative efforts that connect ART-ARTIST-SOCIETY, PSBK creates arts engagement programs to cultivate a holistic society that is sensitive, creative, perceptive, cares about their circumstances, open to a new ideas and knowledge, and most importantly, is tolerant to differences.

Arts Innovation & Professional Development

Arts Education


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  • Jagongan Wagen |

Hajat Dalam Selimut

Peserta program Seniman pascaterampil akan mementaskan karya kolaborasi pada perhelatan Jagongan Wagen edisi ke tujuh di tahun ini. Karya yang diberi tajuk “Hajat Dalam Selimut”…
  • Performance |
  • Jagongan Wagen |


Guntur Nur Puspito, Penerima Hibah Seni PSBK 2019 akan tampil dalam Jagongan Wagen edisi keenam di tahun ini. Karya yang diberi tajuk “Semar Gaung” tersebut akan dipentaskan pada 30 Agustus 2019 di PSBK.  Karya ini merupakan upaya seniman untuk membaca sosok Semar dalam realitas hari ini.
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Support the Arts with PSBK

Help nurture the arts’ role to make an impact on Indonesia’s dynamic culture through charitable investments that support artistic innovation, creative learning, and access to the arts at PSBK.

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