About PSBK

Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK) is a large studio complex that serves to continue the founder’s spirit as an art centre that contributes to the cultural enrichment of Indonesian society by shaping arts practice as an important learning resource.  PSBK serves as a creative laboratory, gathering place, performance and exhibition space for artists from different disciplines. PSBK presents works of emerging artists, facilitates artistic investigation and professional development, and devises programs that increase community engagement and networking with the arts.

Built and founded in 1978 by maestro Bagong Kussudiardja in the Bantul Regency of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, PSBK has become an important cultural landmark for its contribution to the development of artists, the art works, and social community. Bagong Kussudiardja wanted PSBK to have the ability to facilitate creative processes that allow individuals and communities to learn and create meaning through art.

The studio complex spans out in an area of approximately 5000 square meters, situated on the edge of Koteng River and lush greenery of Kembaran Village.  PSBK has been working with renown architect and Duta Wacana Christian University professor, Mr. Ir. Eko Agus Prawoto, M.Arch., since 2009 to transform PSBK cultural site into creative art spaces that serves the purpose of PSBK’s current role and function.

“I always had the desire to plant the feeling of responsibility to those who learn at the Padepokan, so that they feel the need to serve society and humanity on behalf of the arts or mediated by the arts. That’s the aim of the Padepokan. Therefore, it is not a place to produce artists.” – Bagong Kussudiardja

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