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Help nurture the arts’ role to make an impact on Indonesia’s dynamic culture through charitable investments that support artistic innovation, creative learning, and access to the arts at PSBK.

PSBK is a non-profit arts organization relying on partnerships from generous organizations and individuals to help achieve goals and maintain quality programs. Your contributions will support community-centered programs, important curatorial research and development, and art facilities maintenance, in order to achieve the following impact:

To increase investments of future generations of pioneering artists through artist-centered programs.

Important investigations and development to increase tools that cultivate learning, creativity, and communication for artists, school students, and general communities.

To provide access for the public to enhance cultural participation through arts engagement platforms (performances/exhibitions).

To increase accessibility for the physically impaired at PSBK which includes wheelchair accessibility, tactile pathways, and simultaneous audio and sign interpretations.

Important initiatives to prepare, assemble, and digitize Bagong Kussudiardja’s archive materials, so that his legacy can be accessed as an educational resource for researchers and the public.

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Building New Partnerships

PSBK wants to develop the right partnership with individuals and organizations with our endeavors that you feel most passionate about supporting. There are numerous ways to support PSBK. They are:
Please inquire by contacting us at [email protected] or 082141416252

Funders & Supporters

Our efforts and achievements since 2007 would not be possible without the support of our funders and supporters. PSBK would like to extend our gratitude to the following organizations who have invested in the development of important programs and assets that support artistic innovation, creative learning, and access to the arts at PSBK.
We also thank our audiences who have donated through Saweran (donation basket) or Go-Donation offered at every public event at PSBK. This is a really nice touch in this section.

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