Public Arts Engagement

“A healthy community is its simultaneous ability to preserve and invent culture.”

PSBK is dedicated to building audiences for the arts of all ages by consistently provide platforms to enhance cultural participation and learning that is open and accessible to the public. The performance platform Jagongan Wagen and exhibition platform Ruang Seni Rupa offers audiences to cultivate their appreciation and reflection in an art space, and offers artist to share their creative ideas and artistic collaborations facilitated through the Arts Innovation & Professional Development program.

Jagongan Wagen

PSBK Performance Platform
Arts performances in a year

Facilitate new potential of performing arts

Supports innovation and cross-disciplinary arts collaboration

Quality production support

Open to all ages

An iconic event of PSBK since 2007, Jagongan Wagen features a series of new innovative performance works by dance, music, theater, and multi-media artists that is curated and produced monthly (except January and Ramadhan). This platform facilitates artists and audiences in a creative exchange that triggers the senses in a friendly performance environment.

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Ruang Seni Rupa

PSBK Exhibition Platform
Visual arts exhibitions in a year

Spirit of innovation and multidisciplinary art collaboration

Provides an experience to explore exhibitions with artists

Good artistic production support

Open to all ages

Since 2014, the exhibition platform at PSBK steadily serves two pursuits:

  1. Offer artists of all disciplines to present their explorations of visual elements that communicates examinations of contemplations;
  2. Offer opportunities to facilitate creative exchange and learning of artists and visitors through viewing practice, that triggers the curiosity and dialogue in a comfortable exhibition environment.

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Mengeja Y

Pada bulan November ini PSBK akan menggelar platform pameran Ruang Seni Rupa edisi ke empat di tahun 2019 dengan menampilkan karya dari peserta Seniman Pascaterampil…

Sihir Kata

Ruang Seni Rupa PSBK edisi kedua di tahun 2019 akan diisi kembali oleh peserta Seniman Pascatermapil. Kali ini peserta SPt bersepakat untuk mengangkat tema tentang *informasi* dengan tajuk *Sihir Kata*.
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