2017 | RSR - Maya Nyata

Maya X Nyata

On Saturday, 1 April 2017, PadepokanSeniBagongKussudiardja’s (PSBK) visual arts platform RuangSeniRupawill open an exhibition entitled Maya x Nyata” (Virtual vs. Reality).  The exhibition is part of avisual arts lab(Project TumbuhRupa) that encourages artists from different disciplines to collaborate and engage in creative investigations–involving members of the general public to become an important resource to the artists’ inquiry.

Maya x Nyata” exhibition is a collective presentation of work by four artists from different disciplines (fine art, design, dance, and theater) who explored various components of the virtual world that have become an important benchmark in the development of human civilization –a world that provides opportunities for individuals to escape from real life. Inquiries included understanding patterns of communication practices in the virtual world and its impact when human sensibilities become absent from the practice. Such absence produces a consequence; miscommunication (in the virtual world) which unfortunately affects the real world we all live in.

Inspired by the artists’ interactions with their partnering community members, the body of work in this exhibition reflects on the blurring boundaries between the virtual and the real –and the various disorders that arise from it.


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